Friday, 18 January 2008

oh the gloooooooommmmmmm

I have been watching the sky all morning, waiting for the weather to arrive from Wales, apparently. I can see drizzle now and lots of it. My instinct is to turn every light bulb on in the house but I realise that this will simply increase the speed of global warming which, we know is causing all this nonsense.

I am supposed to be at college but decided not to go as I am the only one available to collect our children from school should the need arise. Having one parent stuck on the M4 and the other in a road river would not be a good thing.

I spent the morning, fighting off a headache and knitting my sock (note still singular sock) with some of my crafty friends. It was very pleasant, particularly as one of said crafty friends has underfloor heating. This, however, negates the need for handknitted 100% wool self-striping socks.

I am still exploring tattoos, body art and tribal markings for my art project. I've also had some great photos back from Boots (so arty, me!). The film's expiry date was January 2004 so I'm pleased I have anything at all to show for my efforts.

Back at home, I've been doing some fantasy wool shopping too at, I have a craving for summer, dahlia colours to shoo the drab away.

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