Saturday, 12 January 2008

A new development

In the interests of progress and technology, be amazed at my new trick. Yes, adding photos.... not only that, adding photos of some circular crochet. I took a photo of the skein of yarn, Colinette One Zero but somehow it has been trapped in the ether.

This took some time and I can't appear to place the pictures exactly where I want them but I will perservere. I've looked at some beautiful blogs over the last few weeks and in, a small way, would like to develop mine a little further.
On a distinctly separate matter. It appears my beloved has lost 6lbs in the last 6 days. Why doesn't my metabolism work this way? He has, I admit, been a paragon of health and nutrition over the last week and I have not. At all. However, this news means that I now have to get my act together and join in. I cannot have unauthorised weightloss lying in bed next to me when I have made no effort at all. How tragic would that be?

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