Thursday, 17 January 2008

it's NOT raining

My photography skills are not great and are an area I want to work on at college. Here's a favourite still life of mine - bursting with florality. I thought it would cheer this mid-January day for us all....however many of you are reading this.

It's dark but I can't hear, see or feel any rain. That is one good thing. I am off on a shopping trip with my dear friends S & J and would prefer it not to be spoiled by roadlakes and torrential spray on the M4. I don't feel good about shopping in January as, like for everyone else, Christmas has taken its toll but I actually need to go. My list at the moment is as follows:
- 2 pairs of jeans for my beloved
- 1 pair of jeans for my younger beloved
- MAC foundation and mascara
- 3 rolls of Cath Kidston wallpaper
- sketchbooks
- something beautiful
- socks
- something to pretend to exercise in that doesn't look like an duster
We are always faced with a shopping dilemma. We live in a village that's 40 minutes from any relatively decent shopping - do we Bath, lovely shops but quite small ones, Cribbs Causeway - standard massive mall or Bristol - too spread out. Spoilt really for country dwellers...

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