Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year

I know - 3 days late. Must try harder.

The Christmas cards are now awaiting recyclying - hurrah! The NEW Christmas tree lights have died and we are in a muddle of piles because we're having a new year sort out - or G is. I'm having a lovely time pottering about at home. I read most of a 'Thousand Splendid Suns' this morning, in bed after having got back into bed and I managed to get my snazzy sewing machine to work AND to write my name in thread. That's it, now I have the know how, I'll be the next Cath Kidston in a couple of weeks.

I'm pleased to hear that someone else shares my ambivalence towards Christmas cards (see recent comment). I managed only to send 20 cards this year. I know it sounds bah humbug but in my defence my charitable donation will make it sound less so - once I decide where it is to go? Young carers? Kids' Company? Rwanda? Will £50 stop any of the horrors? No, I suppose not.

On a more domestic note - my renewed interest in gardening has been thwarted by the local council's efficiency. We have the earliest, fastest collectors of garden waste wheelie bins in the West. They collect every other Tuesday - so, they collected at 7.10am this morning which I think we all know is Thursday. This means I have to wait another fortnight to do any more chopping and clearing. I think the allotment might have to get attacked by the secateurs instead.

I have high horticultural hopes for 2008.

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