Saturday, 26 January 2008

Beware - art hurts

I think I am afflicted with my first episode of art-ithritis. I have a sore neck, shoulders and am developing a stoop. It's very uncomfortable. I need my favourite osteopath to sort it out but he's gone away - very upsetting. I am, however, getting a different view of the world and it's the first time I've been poorly while the kids have been too so that has given me another perspective on family life. I was bathing my daughter at 10.45pm last night and as I lay horizontal on the bed, she read her Brownie guide book to me. It was different.

Today I went to the Scrapstore. Scrapstores, I think, exist all over the country and are funded by local councils. They collect cast-off manufacturing waste for art/craft/education projects. Being a student, I can go along and be inspired with all the lovely stuff they have available. I wanted materials to wrap/tear/repair for college and came back with boxes of buttons, a huge bag of netting and some amazing plastic panels which I can mesh together and create a cage of somesorts.

I've been unable to resist working a little so have done some drawings and looked at some of the materials I gathered today. I can actually see the floor of my room and have been folding the fabrics I have promised myself I will do something with. I wonder sometimes whether I'll be able to make them into something more pretty than they are in their natural folded state.

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