Sunday, 23 December 2007

Fog, frost and festivities

It's cold, really cold. Foggy, really foggy. We've all been at home since Friday and we are all still alive. The fridge is rammed, the cupboard is full and my lists of when, where and what to stuff is growing longer. It's still 2 whole days to Christmas.

The final of Strictly was marvellous and the outcome well-deserved for the gorgeous Alesha. We've developed a bit of a tradition with our favourite family and watch as many of the heats together in a heap on our respective sofas, eating too many peanuts and debating which celeb has the prettiest frock. Who needs to go out on a Saturday night?

I am going to sort out my piles today. We were considering a last-minute shopping trip but it's too foggy and too cold. So the piles are going to get it. I wondered about setting up a blog about piles and inviting people to email their piles as a record of our temporary attempts to rationalise our lives. There's a blog about to-do lists that's become a book. It sounds a wheeze.

I've bought enough food to sustain a small army but it only consists of Christmas food. Our diet over the next few days will consist of sprouts, carrots and pringles with dips. I worry for our constitutions.

Q: How does Jack Frost get to work
A: By icicle

Boom boom!

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