Thursday, 22 November 2007

A change is as good as a rest

As I'm a woman who knows her own mind, who's autonomy cannot be challenged. I've changed the font back to what it was because one of my favourite commentors didn't like it! I will, of course, stand firm on all other issues and be resolved, resolved, resolved.

Today I knitted. My dear friend H taught me to knit in Fair Isle. It was a process that I've always been worried by and found it surprisingly easy. I now possess an unworkably shaped ipod/phone sleeping bag but it has a very fetching checquer-board front and a rather natty diagonal stripe along the back. It kept me quiet for hours while my other friend J made bracelets. We were a proper little craft-circle.

I've just ordered a whizzy sewing machine, well, I think I have. It's part of my birthday present from my parents. A bag and a sewing machine. I now feel properly equipped as a 40-year-old woman. My sewing machine will do 265 stitches and comes with free scissors and a yearly free service for 15 years at which point I'll be 55 and won't be able to see what I'm sewing. The servicing costs about £80 per year, so, according to my accounting methods, I'm getting the sewing machine free, 3 times over! Not bad. In theory. I'm never quite convinced about ordering stuff online or over the phone. I'm never 100% sure it will appear.

I have a busy day tomorrow, early coffee, a fete meeting (yes, in November), a trip to Cirencester for work and pleasure and home for the weekend which, so far, doesn't appear to have too much sport programmed into it. I live in hope every 7 did I end up with sporty children?

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