Thursday, 8 November 2007


The momentum of projectforty must continue. I've made progress but not enough. I have come to this conclusion as I am going to Paris on a college study trip in mid-December. I need to sort myself out and make myself chic-worthy and presentable enough to stroll around the city.

Yesterday, I looked in what I used to call my wardrobe but now refer to as the bargain bin. There are a few things I like and wear and fit but goodness, gracious, Galliano there's some hideous stuff in there. I still have a jacket I bought in Kathmandu, 14/15 years ago. I like the fabric, it's a bit retro and a bit graphic but it's the boxiest, squarest jacket I've ever seen. There is also a plaid shirt I bought in New Zealand which is scratchy, itchy and has sleeves that hint at bingo wings the size of the South Island. Not good.

I planned to go shopping today but I don't know what I want and the house is a tip so my mission this morning is to get organised, download some software I need for work and make a few lists.

More lists.

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Anonymous said...

My fashion bible says pretty much anything goes, but I would draw the line at odd shoes... not Parisienne chic!