Sunday, 7 October 2007

time running out

12 days to go and I'm in project panic mode. The cause? Photographs taken at my son's bowling birthday party on Saturday. They weren't pretty. They were wide. I think I can safely say I've blown the health & beauty aspect of projectforty. I need a radical, quick fix approach for the next 12 days.

Moisturisation, moisturisation, moisturisation is first on the list.

Followed by: rehydration, rehydration, rehydration.

And bringing up the rear: high heels under a long maxi dress with 3/4 length sleeves - thereby creating the illusion of height, ergo a slight slimming effect.

I have some hope in that I'm getting my hair cut this week and possibly my eyebrows sorted. Finally. This will hopefully improve the panic levels.

I knew this would happen. I am not great at sustained, level, persistent activity. I'm more your quick burst sort of girl. It's just the way things go. Unfortunately, the outward manifestation of projectforty is my weak spot. I know that I've made huge changes over the last couple of months. It just doesn't look as if I have because my bottom still wobbles and my arms are as thick as Kate Moss's legs.

I'm still wrestling with the do I, don't I care question? Do I care that I look what I look like? If I cared that much, I presume I would do the persistent, consistent stuff that you need to do to look better. Do I care that I'm having a fab time and enjoying myself - do you know, I think I do.
I'm quite sure though that I'd think I was having a fabber time if looked more like Kristin Scott Thomas. I've always wanted to look like someone like her - angular, pale, poised. Like I've always wanted straight hair and the ability to say no.

Gardened today too. Very virtuous on the domestic/green goddess front but not so great for the cuticles. In fact, I think I've torn two of my nails off today. Acrylics here we come?

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