Thursday, 18 October 2007

things i should do after tomorrow

- pack away my parka
- put aside dreams about being 'discovered'
- embrace peptides
- watch nature programmes
- sniff about reality TV
- eat handfuls of nuts instead of custard creams
- cleans, tone & moisturise day AND night
- start saying 'i'll just pop round'
- have a proper shoe cleaning box
- tidy the greenhouse, the garage, the recycling room
- keep my car clean
- invest in a mac
- wear jaunty neck scarves
- stop reading unsuitable magazines
- start reading all of the Telegraph, not just the weekend section and the magazine
- recycle my hoodies
- ditto leggings
- start shopping at East, Country Casuals and Phase Eight instead of New Look
- exercise because it's good for my bones, not because it's going to make me thin
- make sure I make my next hair appointment straight away
- start nagging my husband
- embarass my children more often
- start saying 'terrific' and 'you are a card' and 'where are my tenaladypants'

Got to go. Need to get to college.

1 comment:

LittleBrownDog said...

START nagging your husband? How long have you been married? I think I started during the ceremony - if not before... Mind you, you're probably not married to someone who needs nagging quite as much as mine does.