Monday, 1 October 2007

really worried

There was a lot to do over the weekend. Two parties to get going, 3 sports matches and 2 sets of football training to squeeze in. We coped.

The parties were good. The first, to celebrate our local primary school's 25th anniversary seemed to be a great success. Loads of people turned up and there was a general air of festivity and jollity. The second, a disco for the adults to raise a bit of money was jolly too but not profitable enough. Never mind, we live and learn. We all had a bit of a dance though and got thoroughly silly to the end. I was reminded of several of the songs I do not wish to have at my party.

My party is now 18 days away. The activitiess of the weekend led me to lose another couple of pounds. So, if I'm very good, I'm on track to have lost a stone and a half by my birthday. The problem is I don't think it looks as if I have. My clothes are feeling a little less snug but I can't tell the difference visually. I was considering getting myself stretched out on a rack.

I have had a recommendation though for the hair do so I'll be calling today and getting an appointment to do something with my unruly mop. There's also the eyebrows to deal with. Am off to Bath on Wednesday so am going to look up brow bars when I've finished this and try and find someone who can tame them without making me look like I've walked into a shattered glass and cut my head open. It's great having sensitive skin.

Off to college today - ceramics. This, I expect means finding an object, drawing it and interpreting it in clay. We have a box of shells to rummage through which, frankly, is becoming a little tedious. I loved the drawing though and enjoyed being creative with pva and ink.

What to wear for pottery? It's a conundrum....

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