Saturday, 20 October 2007

Let's get this party started....

Insomnia strikes but that's OK. I'm enjoying making a list for later. Everyone is starting to arrive and I had a wonderful day yesterday. College was fine - almost inspiring. We also found out more about the Paris trip. The only drawback? Sharing rooms. I am going to pay a supplement to sleep by myself. I can't spend a week waking up every night. That won't do at all. Anyway it's 10 - 15 December which means I've got a few extra weeks to get Paris-skinny.

Our timetable is also more structured which means I can plan some 40-something (there, I said it) exercise in. I could go on a toning table or perhaps get myself one of those bendy knee things to challenge my thighs. I'll have to have a look in the Sunday supplements tomorrow.

My saintlike and stoic approach to the other thing that's happening tonight is definitely wearing off. I think it's because more 'men who watch rugby' have arrived and their armchair sport bonding has begun. I thought I better make the effort to try and feel something about the rugby, maybe even form an opinion on it but I just couldn't. I have no idea who is in our team, I keep having to remind myself who we're playing, it just leaves me numb. The only reason I hope we win is so that the gentlemen at my party don't sulk afterwards. I think they might dance more if JW does his foot thing. But then if they win, I imagine there'll be lots of burly bear hugging and singing. It's a worry.

Thank you, dear posters, for posting. In answer to the nagging query, I don't nag according to an article I read because I don't make my husband lists and I don't repeat any request within fifteen minutes. I just take umbrage and sulk if I don't get my own way immediately - it works for us!

Did I mention it was our wedding anniversary yesterday too? 12 years. Silk and satin. I gave G a lino print that I'd done during my course and he gave me a saucy little halterneck number. Not sure the shoulders are up to that but I'll give it a whirl!

If you're not coming to my party, I expect you to at least, find a copy of 'Dancing Queen' and pop it on your stereo for a quick dance later today. Get your groove on....

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