Friday, 19 October 2007

I’ve made it….

I’m 40. The clock has moved around a gazillion times since I popped out at the Firs Maternity Home and I’m 40. I hate to say it but I feel fab! I wanted a wee mid-life crisis. Maybe if you’re reading this, you think I’m having one but I’ve enjoyed my peri-fortiness.

Of course, my woollyback pessimism won’t allow me to think it will be all plain sailing. There is bound to be an episode of woefulness. Perhaps it will come when I’ve run out of lists. Perhaps lists are the secret to happiness.

I’ve actually started making lists of things I have done instead of things I need to do and it’s amazing how it’s shifted my perception of ‘stuff’. I see that I’ve achieved things instead of looking at a list of uncompleted tasks, delving into the doldrums of too-busy-ness and then somehow losing the list.

Writing a list of the day’s bits and pieces, completed, is a positive way to end the day instead of making another list of stuff for tomorrow.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and having my family around me over the next few days. I’m especially looking forward to accidentally snipping the plug off the telly at about 7.45pm tomorrow night.

I now have a room full of pretzels and nuts and olives – oh my! Tesco kindly brought my party at about 10.30pm last night.

I had a wonderful time in London yesterday. The couture exhibition at the V&A was amazing and I’m going to do some research on the couture houses during the second world war. A few of them started during the devastation and drama then. They also did a weird fashion dolly exhibition in the late 1940s which I’d like to look into.

I bought loads in the V&A shop, including a Christmas tree with baubles already attached, and then went to stroke handbags in Harrods. I think I’m going to go for Mulberry but can’t decide to be sensible and go for classic shapes or this season with a purple patent number. What a decision to have to take. I also saw Martine McCutcheon, twittering about losing a map or something. Handbags and celebs....

So, anyway – happy birthday to meeheeeeee!!!!!

Projectforty won’t end, I’m enjoying it too much.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Happy birthday! Very much looking forward to helping out with the pretzels and olives tomorrow night (and possibly making a karaoke debut, depending on whether the DJ has a song which only requires one note - preferably the one I can sing). Planning to get there especially early so no one will beat me to the pretzel bowl - I'll be the one making Homer Simpson donut-scoffing noises.

And I'm glad to hear that projectforty won't be coming to an end - I've been enjoying it, too.

LBD xx

(Must say, your Johnny Wilkinson piece below shows you're a more magnanimous woman than I - all those complimentary comments about someone who's threatening to steal the show on your big night)