Thursday, 4 October 2007

Hurdle 1 - jumped

He's 10 now. All is well. I think he had a lovely day. We had some friends round for fajita tea and the chocolatey cake from Asda went down well. We've got the same cake for his party on Saturday - only bigger.

I had a day out in Bath yesterday. There were 3 in our party and we had a lovely time pootling about looking at lots of things. I managed to lose a whole carrier bag. That was a little dispiriting. I did buy lots of things in M&S so I've now got a nice range of things to return. I treated myself to a HUGE bag for college as it seems I need to take all sorts of things with me each day. I'm planning to customise it as it's very big and very black. I'm thinking felt flowers and pompoms. That will make a statement.

It's beautiful today and I have to go to Trowbridge for my final, final, final work meeting. Not that I'm getting paid. Me, being me, offered to go ages ago. Now I wish I was charging them a daily rate of course! I've even agreed to go to Westbury to pick up a couple of parcels. I must remember my sunglasses.

I've now got a huge pot of green veg soup on the go. I cooked it yesterday and am going to sample it when I get back from the meeting. I'm never sure about eating cabbage based foods when there may be some form of social activity afterwards. I accept cabbage's good qualities but it does kinda linger.

Back to college tomorrow - more ceramics. I'm just about to spend some time sorting out my sketchbooks. I need to find the pritt stick....

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