Thursday, 25 October 2007

done and dusted - Part I

What a laugh! The birthday, the party, the trip - all done. I've had a ball and been thoroughly spoilt. The preparations for the rugby took five men eight hours on the Saturday. Everything else was sorted by Jill & I in about four. The DJ was a paragon of assertiveness - he wouldn't go on the stage, he played three of my favourite forty tracks and refused to turn off the novelty crap he insisted on playing that I'd asked him not to. Everyone else thought he was marvellous. I'm never booking him again.

We had a little dance, a little sing and didn't eat enough cheese. We came home with 4 lumps of stilton, all the lancashire and three quarters of a whole brie. I spent most of Sunday persuading family members to take some of it with them.

I received wonderful, thoughtful presents from so many people and have a two page long list of thank yous to write. I was overwhelmed with friends' and family's generosity and am looking forward to enjoying them - especially the pooping penguin so carefully chosen by B.

There were fireworks and a cake and sort of speeches by G and at one point everyone seemed to be dancing.

A good night.

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