Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Halloween has arrived. We had a little impromptu apple bobbing last night while the kids were getting their haircut. Who needs playstations? A bowl of water and some windfalls kept 6 kids occupied for about an hour. I managed not to burn the sausages and found some chocolate covered apples in asda for 40p each - bargain.

I have mixed feelings about halloween particularly as my son has been invited to join a merry gang of trick or treaters this evening. It's all very American and I think it's begging and what's worse, begging dressed like a mini-goth. I'd much rather they all sat in our garden and terrified each other in the dark instead of mooching about in the line of cars containing tired commuters. I shall see how the land lies this afternoon.

In the meantime I'm just about to sort out my wireless connection to broadband. Yes, I am the only woman in England still on dial-up and yes, it annoys me and yes, I've tried to sort it out before. It's my technological equivalent of ropey cuticles. I see it every day and every day I put up with it and every day I ignore it. Just think how chirpy I'm going to be if it works. More likely, I suspect, it won't and I will be distinctly unchirpy.

I'm back at college today too but only for this afternoon. I'm looking forward to actually working up a project and have had ideas flitting through my head for the last fortnight. What I need to do now is put those ideas on paper and preferably not looking like a scrapbook. I'm intrigued to find out what the course will be like now we've done our taster sessions.

I also did a wee walk this morning. Since my birthday, the pounds have started to creep back on again. As the house is stuffed full of wine, chocolate, cheese and nuts I am trying to be lenient on myself. Unfortunately this leniency is quickly descending into pound gathering. It must stop. So - herbal tea this morning and a 30 minute stomp. A good step.

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