Wednesday, 17 October 2007

48 hours of 30-ness left

I'm embracing spirituality now I'm nearly 40. The rugby situation is teaching me tolerance. My timely hacking cough and voice loss is teaching me humility. My escalating credit card bill is teaching me mathematics and through all this I am accepting my passage through the space continuum.

Ha! Got you! I've lost a stone, a stone, a stone. What's this taught me? I thought losing a bit of weight would be fantastic but it isn't, I just feel less fat. I don't look like Kristin Scott Thomas after all. I bet she probably wants curly hair just like me anyway. I'm pleased, however, that I've taken a stone off rather than put one on which is what usually happens when I go on a health and fitness campaign.

In relation to 40-grooming. Eyebrows? Tick. Hair? Tick. Cuticles? Not a tick in sight. I just don't have the time unless I go today and if I go today it's very unlikely it will last until Thursday, nevermind Saturday. A bit of clear polish and a shuzz with the emery board will sort them.

I had a long chat with the DJ for my party yesterday. He was most impressed with my list of sad-old-lady songs and started talking about how he'd been doing this 6 days a week for the last 15 years. I had exactly the same chat with a DJ a couple of weeks ago. What is it about them?

I also had my assessment for college on Monday. I missed all last week which was making me re-dream 'why I left college last time' dreams. Luckily I took most of my stuff with me first thing Monday morning and found out my slot was at noon. I've been gently persuaded to keep textiles within my project but not its entire focus. Apparently I have some facility with fine art. That's news to me although I had a great time making my first attempts.

So...after having a short discussion about how the briefing for the project at 10am ON MY BIRTHDAY was more important than cuticles (see above), I've got to go in on Friday to have my studio space allocated -studio space (!) - and me, from Wigan. I'm not sure the head of art had discussed whether a student's 40th birthday manicure treat should take precedence over his course before. It wasn't my best move - but he laughed.

Thursday I'm off to London on a study trip. I've worked out that I could potentially get 5 hours shut-eye on the coach. I'm praying for a proper coach not a mini-bus. I don't think I could cope with arriving at the Dior exhibition at the V&A in a mini-bus from Swindon. I might have to get off at the tube station and walk. We're also going to the RA so I'm praying for a wee diversion up to Liberty to have a little stroke of the handbags. G's delighted as I won't have to make him follow me around an exhibition of sticky out skirts next week.

He came home with a massive new telly yesterday. I think sales might be up this week. Come on Engerland!

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