Thursday, 11 October 2007

40 - 8 days

Traumatised - moi? I'm up, again, at an unearthly hour. It's OK though, I've done the playlist for my party, tidied the kitchen, sorted out some paperwork and added to my college sketchbooks.

Book club was good last night. There were 7 of us. I ate the most crisps, as usual and drank the most wine, as usual. So much for purity in all things! In my defence, I'm now eating like I used to 20 years ago. Yesterday I had soup at John Lewis (because you have to), a chunk of cheese, a banana and a bowl of cereal at tea time. I managed an apple in the car on the way back from shopping. No wonder the shiraz got straight to the point.

I often wonder if our book club is the same as others. We manage to choose pretty good books between us but it's quite hard to discuss them without swerving off onto tangents. I think it makes us talk about things we wouldn't necessarily discuss as a group without a book in front of us. It's also interesting how we each approach the books and the interpretations we bring to them. There's always lots of nattering - that must be a good sign.

The next book is 'Surviving with Wolves', it's about WWII and that's all I know. I'm trying to finish 'The Art of Keeping Secrets', Eva Rice which I'm enjoying. I'm trying to work out where the house in it is as the main character talks about Westbury and Wootton Bassett quite a lot. It's all very 50s/early 60s with gloves and phonograms and monocles!

Today, I can't go to college as I'm getting my hair done and working, probably in the company of my daughter - again. Panic is now firmly embedded in my mind. Will I get to pursue textiles based on my skimpy sketchbook? Will I be allowed on an overlocker next term? Will I every master applique?

If you're reading this, leave me a comment or two......

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LittleBrownDog said...

Your link is up (finally! took me a while to work it out). Hope E is feeling lots better today.