Tuesday, 9 October 2007

40 - 10 days

I've had the first of the 'ha, ha, you're nearly 40' comments from my beloved brother-in-law. Mmmm. I rose above it, of course.

My daughter and I had a day at home today with sniffles, a hacking cough and the guinea pigs. We spent most of the day looking for a catalogue which seems to be the main source of her birthday presents. We couldn't find it. I keep losing things. And breaking things. G keeps forgetting things. It will be a miracle if we get to the 19th October in one whole piece.

I've realised how many things I've got to do for the party and I haven't got the time to do them. I've also got some work to complete, school stuff to do, an event to organise for Saturday morning and, give me strength, the PTA AGM to run on Thursday. I'm going to do it differently this year. Instead of preparing a list of what we've done, I'm going to ask the people who come along to prepare it at the meeting, partly so they realise what we have done. I keep dreaming that someone will stand up and say 'I want to be Chair'. This is not likely. It's my own fault though.

I would never have thought 20 years ago, that I'd be worrying about such a thing. I never thought I was going to get married, never mind having children and all the things I do now were not even on the radar. I always thought I'd have a wandering kind of life, 'flitting about' my Nan would have called it and I just don't. I'm glad I don't.

A little more weight has shifted and I'm slapping on the moisturiser. I read a great article about Beth Ditto. She's a flitter. For those not up with Sunday mag culture, she's a 15 stone, 26 year old, southern american dyke who fronts a band called Gossip. She's fab. I think she's fab because she doesn't give a flying stuff about being fatter than the average twig. She wears great clothes, has a mouth like a sewer and well-vocalised opinions on just about everything. As an old bird, I'd love to think she's some kind of portly beacon to all those worried, self-obsessed teenage girls who spend their lives obsessing about what everyone else thinks about them.

We all know that it's 'what's on the inside that counts' deep down. Unfortunately we're all so surface-orientated that it's easy to forget and look no further than the l'oreal moisturiser. It's so much easier to make assumptions about neighbours if what you see is their house, their car and their highlights. It's quick. We're all busy. It takes time to get to know other peoples' strengths and dreams. Who's got time for that?

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