Sunday, 28 October 2007

40 + 1

It's a week since the day after my party. It's windy, wet and wild out there, J's watching 'Match of the Day', G & E are still snoring and I'm enjoying a bit of herbal tea and the peace and quiet of this Sunday morning.

Last weekend was crisp, bright and sunny. My birthday is often like that. It was like that on our wedding day and I roasted in my cream wool suit.

So - projectforty? Now I am forty, do I carry on? I think so. I think the format will change a little. A project review is required to see how I measured up and I think some sustainability issues will have to be examined. It would be good to continue with the weight loss strategy, particularly in the run up to Christmas and the college trip to Paris. I might not be allowed to leave my room if I don't look suitably groomed.

I've been to Paris several times, the last time on honeymoon. I noticed, even then, that the levels of feminine grooming were phenomenal. I'm sure this does not extend to the suburbs but the city of Paris demands a level of beauty and perfection of its inhabitants, however temporary. I'm planning, if all else fails, to hide behind my handbag and hope that its status protects me. I will also need a proper coat, clean shoes and make up every day. I read once that it's a woman's responsibility to present herself in a way that does not offend others, especially as she ages.

With the new projectforty in mind. Here is my first rant. Yesterday I read of a man who, instead of helping a woman, abused her in the street in a way I can't bring myself to describe. The woman died after he'd gone inside to get ready for a night out. The paper said he was imprisoned for three years. Now I'm forty, I can write - what is the world coming to? How can I live in a country where people behave like that? How can I sit in my comfy chair, planning where I'm going for my next holiday and what my kids will get for Christmas when some woman has died because some s*&t for brains b&*"tard doesn't know humanity from his elbow? I just don't get it.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Couldn't agree more, but it's important to remember that good things happen here, too. Give me a minute or two and I'll think of something...