Friday, 26 October 2007

10 reasons I love my new handbag

- I could buy it (thanks to my parents’ generosity)
- It’s from Paul Smith (favourite British designer)
- It’s beautifully soft
- It has those little buttons on the base like proper handbags do
- It isn’t from Asda, Tesco, New Look or Marks & Spencer
- It’s shiny
- It’s made in England (fabulous carbon footprint – darling)
- It came in a wonderful Paul Smith carrier bag
- The sales lady was very pleasant
- It looks like a proper handbag

I never knew there were so many handbags in the world. We visited Liberty, Selfridges AND John Lewis during the quest. Liberty has to be the most beautiful shop. I’m obviously lacking in retail opportunities as I felt myself gasp in some of the rooms at the sheer number of gorgeous clothes and objects. The vintage section contained some of the most exquisite beaded frocks I’ve only ever seen in magazines. I would love to work there – just for a week or two. I expect it’s hard on the feet.

Selfridges was just as how I remember it – full of glitz and sharp. I’ve never really enjoyed Selfridges as much as Liberty, or even Harrods which I enjoy just because it’s Harrods.

So – I have the handbag. The bling is next. We tried to go back to the jewellers who made our wedding rings. Love ‘em , they were useless. This is the marital birthday present – a ring. This quest is likely to last quite a bit longer than the one for the handbag. Be warned.

I have felt a little deflated after last week’s excitements. I suppose that’s why people who have parties continue to have them. I’m enjoying being back home though and looking at all the wonderful parcels and presents and flowers that arrived. I’m a very lucky fortysomething.

We have another party lined up already though – E’s. A joint Harry Potter party with one of her best friends from school. I’ve already bought the broomsticks. Asda’s very good for those.

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LittleBrownDog said...

Oooh - can't wait to see that handbag, it sounds divine!

And it was a great party (though I didn't read about any leftover chocolate fountain - did that all go? I certainly did my best.)