Thursday, 13 September 2007

time flying

The weight is shifting again. Now I'm worried it's because I've missed my exercise for a couple of days. I hunted out my old Lorraine Kelly video on Monday night! It's the only fitness video I've ever managed to watch repeatedly, despite its annoying soundtrack. I say repeatedly, what I mean is, more than once when I'm on a health kick.

G's been away 2 nights so the kids have been going to bed early! They're exhausted with going back to school and the relentless sporting activity they seem to be involved with. How did I end up with such movers and shakers. I loathed sport as a child. Sport always involved getting cold or wet or both and then having to get wet again in bacteria smeared showers. Hideous.

I can't watch it now either. I see no joy in someone being able to run a bit faster or for a bit longer and the older I get, the more pointless it seems. I couldn't be less interested in the so-called sporting glory of rugby, football and cricket on all at the same time. I'm getting a lot of craft done.

I'm very tolerant though. I don't mind other people watching it. I have to. I have no problem with people taking part in sport, I just don't see why people not doing it have to watch it. I'm the same with wildlife. I love nature, do my recycling, cry when I see lone polar bears on the telly but I really can't understand why some people want to climb aboard several modes of transport and follow creatures around taking holiday snaps. Just leave the poor furry, crawly things alone. They'd have more babies, they wouldn't breathe in the carbon monoxide from the exhausts. Just let the poor we creatures be.

Anyway...back to p40. I'm keeping an eye on all the things I'm supposed to be and am taking healthy salads to college now and feeling very virtuous with my cottage cheese salad and pieces of fruit.

God I wish I was 40 so I don't have to think about it anymore! I'm going to start saying I'm nearly 50 so people think I'm fabulously gorgeous at my age.....

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