Thursday, 20 September 2007

a month to go....

I'm on the downhill stretch. The weight is slowly going again. I'm exercising a little but not nearly enough. I'm waking up before 5am every day and have completely forgotten that I ever worked!

Back to college today for some more drawing. I think we've got a different tutor today. I've seen her around, she looks exactly like a college art teacher should look like - very slim, lots of long curly hair, interestingly embroidered skirts. I think I'll stay until lunchtime. I've got sewing at school this afternoon and if I don't go to the supermarket today I suspect we'll all have scurvy by the weekend.

I was housebound yesterday which was actually very pleasant. We had to call the dishwasher man out as the person in charge of the dishwasher (not me) had inadvertantly managed to block it. DM came, he pulled the offending machine out of its slot, shook the pipes around a bit and switched it on, at which point it started working. I enjoyed writing the cheque for the call out charge.

As I couldn't go anywhere my friends came to me. We drank pots of tea and coffee and generally faffed about being crafty. 3 tea cosies and a pincushion later I felt very productive. I now have several projects scattered around the kitchen, shouting 'finish me' as I walk by.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you sound a veritable whirlwind of activity! I feel positively slothlike by comparison. Mind you, it's 10.20pm, and I guess I'm entitle to crawl into my pit. Very envious of all your craft projects, though. What are you planning to do with them all?

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of a little artificial aid? A successful dieter I know recommended a natural supplement called 'Adios'.
Bought some and hid them from Husband Phobic About Drugs (I still remember the hoo haa when I bought some Pro Plus). HPAD found them anyway and a lecture was endured along the lines of ' ...thin end of the wedge ..'
I'm too forgetful to remember to take them anyway but they may work for you.