Monday, 3 September 2007

back to school

I knew something was missing from my life. I haven't blogged for almost a week.

I've been a little busy. I made my last visit to Westbury (I think) and saw some wonderful films made by some young people there. A good end to my contract. I've been allotmenting which I'm sure is why my neck hurts. Have had a massive clearout. Have written my invitations. Have tried to tidy up my office/workroom. And have tried to get organised for this week.

I love this time of year. It's my new year and when I get energised. January loathes me. I love the dark nights and the winteriness of it but I can't bear that enforced resolution making ethos. I particularly loathe the way magazines change colour before Christmas has even happened. December's issues (out in November) are replete with gold, silver and luxury. January's issues (out December 1st) are pale blue, austere and clear, telling us to detox and cleanse before we've even got started.

September is the best time to start new things. It's still warm enough to get out and about. There are pencil cases and stationery in abundance in the high street and the kids go back to school which means all their mums can have a sit and a think and move about the place without being asked for ice cream.


PS: Had the haircut, appointments are made, regular bouncing is incorporated into my lifestyle.

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