Sunday, 9 September 2007

40 days to 40 years

It's definitely crunch time now. It's now 40 days away - the final countdown - and the fat lady will be singing because I've booked a disco with a karaoke for the party!

On the upside - I feel great. I'm doing what I want to do with my days, I'm having a lot of fun and feel energised. My body's starting to look better.

On the downside - the bits of me that need shifting aren't shifting as quickly as I'd like them to. I'm eating better, I'm not grazing so much, I've conquered my addiction to custard creams. I'm doing the 5 a day thing most days.

There are parts of me that are benefiting from the exercise. My waist is reappearing and my posture's better. My weight loss, however, has slowed down dramatically. Is this the muscle factor - where it weighs more than fat? I hope so.

I do feel I've changed my mindset over the last couple of months though. I feel like I'm being a little kinder to myself and instead of being so self-critical, I've started to treat myself like I try to treat my friends. I wouldn't talk to anyone like I talk to myself. If I gain nothing else from projectforty, I think that's a change for the better.

Right - am off for a twilight village stomp. Nighty night.

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