Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Well, normality has returned. 2 days in to getting up early in the morning and I'm already anti-packed lunch. A lot has happened in 2 days. I've properly, formally, definitely resigned from my job. I've been accepted on an art/design course at college. I've had a go on a ukulele and I've found the most delicious bit of vintage/sixties fabric at Oxfam I've seen for months.

I've been ebay bidding and scouring the net for potential marital 40th birthday presents - I'm thinking handbag, big bling ring or watch. A watch smacks of retirement and I'm not sure about the bling. I like looking at it but I think it would have to be really fabulous and thought about for a long time. I'm veering towards the lovely handbag idea. Practical, beautiful, every day usage. My current favourite is a bespoke Anya Hindmarch Ebury, followed closely by a Mulberry Bayswater. The best handbag shop I've ever been in is Liberty. Just beautiful. I could spend hours in there, sniffing the leather and testing clasps.

I'm a little concerned about the handbag as I do have a tendency to batter my belongings. I've never been a person who can keep things pristine for very long. I don't have that kind of life and I'm worried that if I had a proper, smart bag, I'd have to alter a great many things in my day to day lifestyle to accommodate it. I know, for example, that it could not sit in the well of my punto with one of the kids' football boots. I also know that I would probably be involved in an unfortunate accident with a water bottle or a carton of Ribena. Should I not have such an object just because I risk an encounter with unidentified liquids? Should I risk embracing objets de luxe?

As you may have gathered - I'm not thinking about my main priority very much. I am, however, doing it. Regular exercise has become a part of my daily routine. Boring but essential.

Haircut tomorrow (I hope) and an appointment to be made for feet, eyebrows, lashes and nails.

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Susan said...

I'm dying to know...what did you end up picking?