Friday, 24 August 2007

reality check

I shouldn't have done it, I've avoided it since I started. I purposefully ignored the golden rule of project management. I guessed at where I was and haven't measured where I've come. Inspired by a conversation with one of my dearest friends, I dug a tape measure out of my sewing box and used to calculate various measurements of how fat I actually am. The fat counter, the BMI counter, the waist/hip counter all confirmed what I've known for quite a long time - I am not slim.

How did I know this without the certainty of mathematics and science you ask? Well - I'm usually the least skinny of the women at parties I go to these days. One of the few places I feel slim is at the massive Asda in Swindon where lots of people's bottoms are wider than their trolleys. I sigh quite a lot. Certain parts of my body move when the rest of it isn't moving in the same direction. Other indicators include a fear of skinny shops where the clothes look tiny and make me feel large just looking at them; I've 'gone off' wearing jeans; I'm overcompensating by trying to be funny all the time. It's not good.

So - thanks, good friend! You know who you are. I was perfectly happy in denial until about 10 minutes ago. In my defence I have indulged in some exercise already today. Half an hour of sweating on my mini-trampoline and some floor work.

Having brought myself to crisis with the rather large numbers that emerged from my scientific experiment this morning, I now need to decide what my body goals actually are for 19th October. In my dreams, I want to be wearing a size 12 dress. I want toned arms that are the same width all the way up, no beefy biceps for me. I want my tummy to do less wobbling and I'd like my legs to skinny up a bit too.

I'm doing much better on the thinking and creative side of my project than the moving and shaking side. In true Libran fashion, it's time time to shift the balance the other way.

Q: Where do Daleks buy their cheese? A: At a dalekatessen!

PS: If you read this, leave me some comments, I'd like to see who's been and I've got plans for projectforty. I need your help. Just click on the comments button. Thank you!

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