Saturday, 25 August 2007

get up and go

I've started properly. More salad. More exercise. Less sitting about. It better flaming work. If it doesn't, that's it. I'm just going to carry on being less than perfect and stuff the healthy nonsense.

I ate salad twice yesterday, TWICE. I think I had a week's worth of fruit and veg in one day. Not that it stopped me eating the cake E & I had baked for the 3rd picnic we've been on this week. I justified the cake eating as we'd made it ourselves (used calories in its production) AND I used organic eggs. I am sure it's been clinically tested that organice = calorie-free.

By the time evening came along and supper had been dealt with, I was knackered. My daughter informed me that she was 'shattered' yesterday - aged 6. I think she's been listening to my husband too much when he comes in from work.

After having mown the allotment - don't get too excited, my allotment's like project forty, loads of great plans but minimum effort and primarily a source of guilt - I had a shower, scrubbed my hooves and slumped on the sofa to watch Gardener's World. The lovely Sarah Raven told me all about the ills of the UK cut flower industry, how 90% of all flowers bought in the UK are imported at an enormous environmental cost. The industry's worth £2billion, just as much as the music industry. That's a lot of flowers.

I was quite inspired and am now determined not to buy flowers from overseas. There are farms here that supply them and some producers who can deliver them, they just don't seem to get into the shops. If we're all supposed to be buying local food etc, surely it makes sense to buy other local stuff too. So, I've emailed my favourite environmental site, about it. If you want to join the nag, having seen it, use this link: and it will track that you've joined because of me!

Sunshine again this morning - am just about to get trackies on and move about a bit.

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