Thursday, 9 August 2007

back to work..

I had to work today. I met a colleague in Trowbridge. She paid for lunch. Lucky. I forgot to get money from the machine. Trowbridge is a funny town. In fact, if you ask anyone in Wiltshire about any random market town (of which there are several), they'll always say "Mmmm, x? x is a funny town."

Trowbridge is the county town, it plays host to the county council. In the 2 years I've worked in the area, it has acquired a Costa Coffee, a Monsoon and a Marks & Spencer food shop. This, I assume, means that it is aspiring to be a destination town, not just a funny one. It has one of those shopping malls that has the same shops as everywhere else does - a Greggs, a Millets, a New Look and a Clintons Cards. Around the shopping mall are the random assortment of charity shops and what my friend J has christened 'mushroom' shops. Shops with a bizarre optimism, selling dusty boxes containing premium goods that anyone in their right mind would visit John Lewis for and get a proper guarantee. There's also the weirdest shaped shop I've ever seen. It's like a brie wedge, with the till up the fat end and all it sells is flavoured, smelly bath bombs. I've never seen anyone queuing at the till.

projectforty has gone ok today. I had breakfast, I had 2 crumpets for mid-morning snack and a healthy panini for lunch. I have avoided caffeine in all its evil forms. I have not, as yet, succumbed to chocholism although I have had a glass of red wine.

I have a house full of girls. J has gone for a sleepover with one of his mates, therefore I was press-ganged to have my darling E's mates over at ours. All good stuff.

Our entries have been confirmed for the show. Tomorrow we'll be polishing boots, painting eggs and putting the finishing touches to our models. The excitement builds...

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