Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Back on track…

The bloggap? We visited my parents in France last week. We saw blue sky every day, swam in their pool and were looked after and generally pampered. It was wonderful and much appreciated.

Back to Blighty on Sunday and more blue sky. I hopped on the scales yesterday – no gain. I hopped on today and it looked as if I’d lost 5lbs overnight. My heart leapt. I got on again – I’ve put on a pound! My heart sank.

I do, though, feel better if not lighter. I swam every day on holiday, did some walking, went tree swinging, ate at mealtimes instead of grazing constantly, exfoliated and moisturised, slept like a log and drank litre after litre of water (as well as a little wine). I think I look better than I left. The skipping rope is still in my suitcase.

Now I’m at home, it’s time to go up a gear. I went swimming last night with S and, after 2 years of doing 20 lengths, we took the plunge (ha ha!) and did 25 (26 in my case - I didn’t want to walk the length of the pool to get back into the changing rooms).

I’m planning a little bounce later on my mini-trampoline or perhaps a little of my ancient workout video featuring Lorraine Kelly when she giggled more and had curlier hair. Dreadful music but weirdly effective if you do it every few days. I know this because I did it in 1999.

I’m also aware that as I’m having a party on the big day, I’ll need to call in the professionals. An effort needs to be made. What are 40th birthday parties for unless to check out the other 40-somethings and make sure you don’t look quite as 40 as them? I will need more than a quick chop at the local hairdressers. I need serious, take no prisoners intervention. Hair, skin, nails, and a proper eyebrow shape.

Cuticles aside, eyebrows are another of my ‘can’t dos’. I can do my right eyebrow but not my left and I am at a loss when presented with the bit in between. I marvel at other's perfectly groomed brows and I do go for regularish shapes at the local salon but these are painful and make my skin neon with irritation. It takes 10 minutes to do and then 3 days to recover. I usually leave the salon with a red welt just above my eyebrows and have to plan my visits so that I don’t have to appear in public. It’s restricting - does that happen to everyone?

So – back on track with projectforty. 2 months and 13 days…..I make that 74 days to go.

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