Thursday, 23 August 2007

57 days to go

My nails have dropped off. Until yesterday I had reasonable looking talons, today, I have chopped off stumps having had to take radical action after 3 snapped one morning. Clearing the garden is not a compatible activity alongside projectforty. Never mind – we have a few weeks to go.

The party is booked, the invitations are with the printers, the music is hired and I have a musical playlist as long as my excuses for not eating properly. The hotel next door to the village hall is offering competitive rates for guests and so far all is going well.

I’ve been eating mountains of salad at lunchtime which is a good thing. I’ve even started writing down what I eat – which is a good and bad thing. Instead of mindlessly grazing, I’ve realised that I do mindlessly graze and mindlessly graze quite a lot. What I haven’t quite got round to (apart from the salad) is actually really changing what I’m eating or not eating quite so much!

I have taken the unusual step, however, of using fridge magnets to write ‘40’ on the biscuit tin, the bread bin and both fridge and freezer compartments in an attempt to remind myself that if I don’t get my act together, turning 40 is going to be so much worse. I’m not great at consistent activity – I never have been. I loved the cramming as much as the exams when I was younger. I like a lot of thinking and then a surge of doing and activity when it’s really needed. This strategy is unlikely to work with projectforty and I think that’s why I’m finding it all a little tricky!

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