Sunday, 29 July 2007

we're all going....

on a summer holiday. We're off to stay with my parents in Lot, France for a week. I've been looking forward to this for weeks. They live in a beautiful spot, overlooking a valley in the depths of rural, south-west France. It is truly blissful and it's great for us to share in that, even for just a short while.

projectforty has become a little troublesome over the last few days and I have to say I have lapsed on almost all counts. I am concerned that the holiday will not help and I will have to be very strict and impose some severe exercise quotas on myself. I've packed a skipping rope. I will let you know if I use it. There is a pool at the house and if I can't get in there and do several lengths, I will be ashamed.

I've also had my aunties to stay, my absent mother's sisters. Whenever I see them, I have such a great time and I love watching them with my kids. We do things like go shopping together. I never went shopping with my mum and my preferred shopping status is alone but with them, it's entertainment with a capital 'E'. They have an ability to spend 5 hours shopping but to spend £5 between them. It's can be frustrating. It's not a spectator sport but they have such a great time, you just have to let them do it.

I left them at the junction of the M4/M5. As I headed back east, they headed north in J's tiny, speedy car, waving madly and chewing Everton mints.

It's the end of the week and I'm aware I need to regroup. I haven't put any pounds on but I certainly won't be losing any more if I carry on like this.

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