Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Summer's here

The holidays have begun. My first-day lie-in has turned into a dawn waking. Tweeting birds are the culprits. Sweet.

I need to get back on track. It's 87 days to go to the big day. It's time to get busy. I'm up, it's early, it's not raining. A bit of fresh air and a walk. Can you feel the joy? I've become so inactive, activity is becoming less and less appealing. I spoke to a friend recently who's done the 3 peaks challenge, 3 mountains in 3 days. I was planning to see her during the summer holidays - I'm not sure I can cope with the feelings of inadequacy. A dance class every fortnight and the walk down to school every day does not compare with that particular physical challenge.

She runs - a lot. 5/6 miles every day. I don't even drive 5/6 miles a day. I've tried running a few times. A very few times. It just makes me bad tempered. I think it's the bosom wobbling and it's definitely the knee crunching. No fun. I prefer a forced march followed by a penguin or a kit kat.

As I'm up, I'm reloading my ipod. I lurve my ipod. She's called Ethel. She's coming to my birthday party if I can find a way of plugging her into decent enough speakers. Who needs a DJ? Not me? I'm far too musically controlling. No 'hi ho silver lining' or Grease mixes. Yuck. What I want is dance heaven through the decades and lots of inappropriately middle-aged shaking about. And a karaoke.

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