Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Cuticles? No action there at all.

My excuse this time is Daniel Craig. I thought I’d treat the beloved and got ‘Casino Royale’ from Blockbuster to watch on Sunday evening. Apart from the hammy love scenes which haven’t moved on since the sixties, it was rather good. Bedazzled by Bond in his swimmers, I didn't manicure despite completing gardening duty during the day.

I neglected cuticles last night too. Having seen Craig and his beautiful co-stars romp around, I was feeling physically challenged so decided to revisit the coldest pool in England. I enjoyed it so much, I might go again. 20 lengths will not a Bong girl make but it was a start.

The film, alongside other timely events, has had an unexpected and intriguing side effect. My beloved appears to want to join me in projectforty. He also told me he’s not drinking any of that herbal muck that I’m now consuming. Fair enough. Projectforty is a flexible programme, full of choices including the choice not to actually do some of it!

We actually had the same independent thought which was a little spooky. We went to a party on Saturday night and were the portliest couple there – soul-destroying. And then we watched Bond. We both woke the next morning and admitted that we needed to re-focus on our fitness.

So far I have swum and I have walked and I haven't eaten any nonsense. It's only midday though. Things may stay pear-shaped.

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