Monday, 2 July 2007

First things first...

I’ve realised my calendar maths is worse than useless. It’s 110 days to my birthday – not 101. Never mind…it doesn’t change the fact I’ve got a bit of work to do before the big day.

I’ve decided to treat myself kindly throughout this whole process. I’m going to be more Gok Wan, less Gillian McKeith. I love how the former encourages we ladies of ampler proportions to just love every inch of our dimply extremities. I loathe the latter’s shrill bullying. If I was going to be thin, I certainly wouldn’t want to be like GMcK. There’s something creepy about a woman who examines shit on TV for a living. I’m sure we’d all get the point without the nose mask and the eye-rolling.

Anyway – back to project forty. To get a ‘quick win’ in and make me feel like I’m doing something – my first resolution is to drink MORE water and relinquish the evils of caffeine.

I am a total teapot and have been known to drink up to 10 cups a day. This, I am told is bad for my skin and my sleep patterns. It’s also not very good for my biscuit consumption as a drink’s too wet without one you know.

So far so good. I’ve completed ten hours of caffeine free living so far. If I was American, I’d give myself a high-5. I was expecting headaches of biblical proportions and a dry fuzzy feeling in the mouth. I just feel a little sleepy.

I’ve been on a course today for new school governors (I’m sure I’ll moan about that during some post in the future) and I managed, just about, to keep awake without caffeine support. I’ve not touched a drop all day despite almost constant temptation in every corner of the room. I have, however, had the most enormous buffet lunch and too many boiled sweets. I truly hope I am not what I ate today. It was messy.

Am not sure of my next resolution. I know what I’m like. I don’t want to overload with self-imposed rules which I’m sure to break and sure to resent.

I think the next stage may be a little baseline evaluation. What exactly is my problem? Do I, indeed, have a problem? I can feel a SWOT analysis coming on. That will focus my resources I’m sure.

I need to find the tape measure, the trampoline and a notebook.

I’m afraid. Very afraid.

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