Sunday, 8 July 2007

forgive me for I have not blogged

My blog has been the victim of my over-burdened timetable. No, it wasn’t a multi-million pound hedge fund deal, nor was it a fitting with Dior, nor, in fact was it anything to do with planting trees to carbon offset Live Earth. I just had windscreen washers to get fixed, birthday presents to buy, a couple of meetings to go to and a work-thing on Saturday which turned out to be woeful.

The first meeting was about the fete that has just happened and the fete NEXT year! I love the fete. The committee were provided with delicious cakes by one of our members every time we met, another member of the committee provided delicious lasagne for supper after the fete and, aside from the catering, we made tons of money.

And then I had to go to a PTA meeting at which there were 3 committed souls (4, if you count the 1 year old who came with her mum) trying to think of exciting, interesting and money-spinning activities for our school's 25th anniversary. We thought of them. Now we need to do them and we need to actually get people to help to do them without thinking we're obsessed, pta-devils, determined to bake everyone into submission.

My last post was 4th July, it's now Sunday. The sun started shining on Saturday which meant that precisely 3 families turned up for my work event. Wiltshire partied. The rain stopped. It ruined my attendance figures.

I've kicked the caffeine so won't mention it again but my cuticles are still languishing in un-groomed misery. Tonight is the night. I've also just cleared out my greenhouse which instead of being home to a wondrous array of seedlings and cuttings, smelled of dead mouse, was full of cobwebs and pots of dessicated pepper plants. I'm just going to have to admit that this has been my annus horticulturus horribilis. Once I've retired, all will change and I shall be deadheading in a floral smock whilst robins sit merrily on the handle of my border fork. Until then. I shall ignore the wilderness that is my garden.

This week's action points for projectforty are going to be a challenge: NO alcohol and NO random snacking. NO coming into the house from work and demolishing lumps of cheese, packets of biscuits or piles of jam on toast.

This week I will mostly be in denial.

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